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The Northern California Apartment Summit

September 30, 2014 | The City Club of San Francisco | San Francisco, CA

San Francisco and Bay Area New Construction, Development, Investment: Join ALL of the Bay Area’s Multifamily Executives

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Attendance is building for Northern California’s premier multifamily real estate conference, The Northern California Apartment Summit. The summit is open to ALL brokers, developers, investors, capital sources and consultants in San Francisco and surrounding markets. 500+ are expected to attend.

Northern California’s economy, residential and commercial real estate sectors rebounded faster than most urban areas in the United States following the 2007-2009 recession. In fact, the region’s unemployment rate is now 5%, lower than the State of California, and significantly lower than most major metropolitan regions. The region’s explosive technology sector, driven by innovations in social media, is creating new jobs and bringing new multifamily renters to the various Bay Area submarkets, including North San Jose, SoMa, Mission Bay, Dog Patch, Sunnyvale, San Mateo and various neighborhoods on the Pensinsula. In addition, the medical sector is expanding rapidly, also bringing new multifamily renters to the region. More than 500 of the most active investors, owners, operators, developers, equity sources, debt sources and technology firms will attend the summit on September 30 at The City Club of San Francisco for vital discussion, debate and networking about Northern California multifamily and its many opportunities, challenges, trends and patterns. Don’t miss out if you are active in this sector!

Participating developers, investors, owners and property managers (as of September 11) include:

  • Alliance Residential Company
  • Anton Development Company
  • Associated Estates
  • BayRock Multifamily
  • BRIDGE Housing
  • Bridge Partners
  • Calvera Partners, LLC
  • Carmel Partners
  • Charles A Long Properties LLC
  • Compass Acquisition Partners
  • DM Development
  • Emerald Fund
  • Encore Capital Management
  • Equity Residential
  • Essex Property Trust, Inc.
  • Greystar
  • Grosvenor
  • JCR Capital
  • Montgomery Partners
  • Olympic Residential Group
  • Pacific Urban Residential
  • Resmark Apartment Living
  • Sack Properties
  • Sares | Regis
  • Simeon
  • Trinity Management
  • Vesta Development Group
  • Woodmont Real Estate Services

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Who Should Attend? * Commercial real estate investors * Developers * Debt sources * Equity sources * Property management firms * Attorneys * Technology firms * Architects * Construction firms * Regional economic development executives

Why Participate? * Expand your real estate network with the most active and innovative firms * Gain access to the city’s new buyers and sellers * Hear innovative content and high-level information that will impact decision-making in the next 12-24 months * Hear candid analysis of market conditions and opportunities from industry thought-leaders * Hear new voices and new perspectives in real estate

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The Summit’s Expert Speakers will Discuss Key Trends, Patterns, Opportunities & Challenges, Including:

  • How has the emergence of institutional capital in the Bay Area changed the multifamily landscape? What are the benefits of “being large” and are investment strategies similar to or different from historic investors in the market?
  • What are key differences and acquisitions strategies between privately-held and publicly-held investors in San Francisco and Silicon Valley?
  • Is the acquisitions landscape more-or-less favorable in 2014 and why? Has the market become more favorable for sellers?
  • How is the current investment climate in San Francisco comparable to competitive cities, notably Los Angeles, New York, and Dallas?
  • Is speculative development occurring for for-rent product or for sale-product, where, and how is it being financed?
  • From the developers’ perspectives, what is the “next big submarket” poised to witness strong rental growth and buying activity?
  • Are developers finding unique incentives and/or tax programs to break ground in certain submarkets?

** Photos from The National Multifamily Investment Series New York conference on June 26 **


Conference Organizer Testimonials:
“Thanks for the great event and magnificent panel… I truly enjoyed.” — Stuart Z. Koperweis, Economic Development & Revitalization, Millennium Strategies
“I sincerely wanted to thank you both for first informing me about then allowing me to attend and participate in such a great event and panel. I learned a great deal from the terrific expert panels that were there. Thank you again.” — Vivek Singh, Vice President of Operations, CVV Development & Construction

“CapRate Events consistently produces great real estate conferences. They are always well attended, timely, and informative. I have always had positive experiences attending and presenting. It is well worth the time and effort and I am happy to participate whenever I can.” — Ryan Severino, CFA, Senior Economist, Reis, Inc.


Keywords & Conference Themes: Debt, Equity & Alternative Capital Sources | Future of Interest Rates | Investment Sales Volume | Political Measures, Taxes & Tax Incentives | Market Fundamentals | Institutional Investment Perspective | “Middle Market” Investment Perspective | New Funds, New Neighborhoods | New Construction, Development & Condo Conversions | Emerging Submarkets | Crowdfunding | New & Unique JV Equity Sources | Management | Technology | Operations 

Event Speaker/Sponsor Contact: Brian Klebash | 917-460-3572 | info@cre-events.com

Telephone Registration/Questions: Ronnie Niederman | 212-873-3484