Agenda Coverage

7:15-8:05 Registration, Breakfast & Networking
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8:00-8:05 Welcome to The Fourth Annual Northeast Industrial Real Estate Summit

8:05-8:25 Northeast Industrial Real Estate Investment Sales Volume & Market Fundamentals: Let the Good Times Roll?

8:25-9:20 Industrial Real Estate 360: The Rise of E-Commerce & Infrastructure Improvements: How are Industrial Real Estate Firms Responding?
* The pronounced economic recovery and the impact on industrial real estate and supply-chain: What has been the experience of New Jersey and New York firms over the last 12 months?
* Will macro-economic conditions benefit regional industrial markets for the remainder of 2013?
* New development patterns: How have population shifts, changing transportation patterns and the rise of e-commerce/fulfillment operations impacted demand for new industrial facilities?
* What are the regional submarkets poised to see new growth, and why ?
* Analysis of capitalization rate and market fundamentals in the various northeast markets
* What types of investors have emerged to seek industrial real estate assets, and why?
* How has the investor pool changed since the start of the last industrial real estate cycle?
* Have new financing sources (debt and/or equity) emerged, and why?
* Analysis of build-to-suit opportunities
* Expert predictions for the next 12-36 months in industrial real estate
Hear from:
Benjamin I. Cohen, Principal, Endurance Real Estate Group, LLC
Sonny Jumani, President, Tulfra Realty II LLC
James J. Mazzarelli, Senior Vice President & Regional Director, Liberty Property Trust
Jeff Milanaik, Principal, Bridge Development Partners, LLC
Michael Nachamkin, Managing Director, HFF


9:20-10:10 Regional Economic Development & Infrastructure: Incentivizing Major Infrastructure Improvements that will Accelerate Supply-Chain Activities and Benefit Industrial Real Estate Assets
* Special focus: Analysis of Panama Canal expansion and the impact on burgeoning northeast industrial real estate markets
* How will the Panama Canal project ultimately impact overall supply-chain volume in popular New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania and Metro New York City industrial ports and demand for supporting real estate assets?
* How are regional economic development executives responding to the Panama Canal project?
* Is the expectation of regional planners that the Panama Canal project will be a shot-in-the arm for the New Jersey and Long Island economies?
* What are the unique regional projects, i.e. Bayonne Bridge and other transportation improvements that may improve supply-chain activities and demand for supporting industrial real estate assets?
* Where to operate industrial real estate: Exploring the advantages/disadvantages of tax structures and incentives in New Jersey, vs New York, vs Pennsylvania? Is any one region or state seeking industrial real estate operators/owners, and why?

10:10-10:30 The Growth of E-Commerce Distribution and its Impact on the Supply-Chain and Industrial Real Estate


10:30-10:50 Networking Break
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10:50-11:35 New Jersey Industrial Real Estate Market Analysis: New Development, Investors, Capital Sources & Rising End-Users
* Burgeoning New Jersey Markets: Has the opportunity shifted south from Metropolitan New York?
* How are New Jersey developers approaching opportunities connected the sharp rise in e-commerce/fulfillment and demand for industrial real estate assets?
* What are the unique aspects of the e-commerce projects vs traditional industrial real estate? Has New Jersey accepted e-commerce/fulfillment facilities coming out of the economic downturn?
* Have new capital sources (debt and our equity) and programs emerged to seek exposure to the evolving industrial real estate market?
* Outlook for speculative development and future rental rates
* Analysis of e-commerce/fulfillment distribution centers on local New Jersey economies: Will political systems support the increased traffic generated by these facilities?
* Comparison of New Jersey industrial real estate capitalization rates and fundamentals to other U.S. markets

11:35-12:20 Pennsylvania Attracts Industrial Developers and End-Users: Will Lower Costs of Construction, Operations and Tax Incentives Continue to Spark Industrial Development in the Lehigh Valley and other Pennsylvania Regions?
* What are the types of debt and equity programs active in Philadelphia industrial real estate investment and development?
* Why is Pennsylvania a viable alternative to New Jersey for end-users?
* What are the geographic submarkets poised to see new growth in Pennsylvania?

12:20-12:50 Networking Break & Lunch
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12:50-1:10 Trending Now: TBA


1:10-1:55 Industrial Real Estate Investment Panel: REITs, High-Net Worth, Private Equity and Institutional Investors Approach Opportunities in the Rebounding Industrial CRE Sector
* How are investors approaching the rebound in economic activity that is driving down vacancy and driving up value in northeast-region industrial real estate assets?
* What will be the impact of renewed CMBS issuance on the industrial real estate investment sales market?
* How will investors approach investment opportunities in the face of rising interest rates?
* What are the types of assets and/or geographic regions investors seek in today’s climate?
* Will investors view the e-commerce distribution/ fulfillment facility as having more substantial long-term value?
* What are the regions/submarkets that continue to see weakness despite the economic recovery?
* What are the unique JV equity partnerships in industrial real estate that are leading to new acquisition/development activities?
* Comparing northeast regional markets to the nation: How is the NJ, PA and NY industrial market stacking up against Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago fundamentals and overall sales volume?
* Outlook for speculative development
1:55-2:40 Special End-User Focus, Including: Supply-Chain, Logistics, and New Industrial Real Estate Tenants

2:40-3:25 Industrial Real Estate’s Exit Strategy: Repositioning Assets for Future Use & Continued CRE Revenue
3:25 Conference Concludes

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