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7:30-8:30 Registration, Breakfast & Networking
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8:00-8:30 Breakfast Workshop: Operations/Asset Management Workshop: Strategies that Add Value
Proposed Discussion Points:
* What are tenants expecting in the year in 2016?
* How to make the building better for tenants in place: energy efficiency, plumbing, windows, etc.
* Reducing operational costs with new (or green) technologies
* Analysis of strategies for value add energy efficiency upgrades: What are the unique public-private incentive programs?
* How are owner/operators capitalizing on open common areas?
* Analysis of strategies insuring lease and tenant retention
* What unique services are helping landlords and tenants to stay connected?
* How are new and innovative technologies helping to improve day-to-day operations?
* How to create programming for tenants that leads to higher retention and ROI for investors
Hear from:
Kalish, Yaniv 2016 (3x4)* Yaniv Kalish, CEO and Founder, SolarKal
* Ben Roberts, CEO, Conserva Partners

8:30-9:15 Industrial Real Estate 360: The Rise of E-Commerce & Infrastructure Improvements: How are Industrial Real Estate Firms Responding?
* The pronounced economic recovery and the impact on industrial real estate and supply-chain: What has been the experience of New Jersey and New York firms over the last 12 months?
* Will macro-economic conditions benefit regional industrial markets for the remainder of 2013?
* New development patterns: How have population shifts, changing transportation patterns and the rise of e-commerce/fulfillment operations impacted demand for new industrial facilities?
* What are the regional submarkets poised to see new growth, and why ?
* Analysis of capitalization rate and market fundamentals in the various northeast markets
* What types of investors have emerged to seek industrial real estate assets, and why?
* How has the investor pool changed since the start of the last industrial real estate cycle?
* Have new financing sources (debt and/or equity) emerged, and why?
* Analysis of build-to-suit opportunities
* Expert predictions for the next 12-36 months in industrial real estate
Hear from:
Ianule, Anthony 2016 (3x4)Moderator: Tony Ianuale, Chief Operating Officer, CFO, Dresdner Robin Environmental Managment, Inc.
Peter Crovo, Senior Vice President, Market Officer at Prologis, Inc.
Sonny Jumani, President, Tulfra Realty II LLC
James J. Mazzarelli, Senior Vice President & Regional Director, Liberty Property Trust
Jeff Milanaik, Principal, Bridge Development Partners, LLC
Michael Nachamkin, Managing Director, HFF


9:15-10:05 Regional Economic Development & Infrastructure: Incentivizing Major Infrastructure Improvements that will Accelerate Supply-Chain Activities and Benefit Industrial Real Estate Assets
* Special focus: Analysis of Panama Canal expansion and the impact on burgeoning northeast industrial real estate markets
* How will the Panama Canal project ultimately impact overall supply-chain volume in popular New Jersey, Long Island, Pennsylvania and Metro New York City industrial ports and demand for supporting real estate assets?
* How are regional economic development executives responding to the Panama Canal project?
* Is the expectation of regional planners that the Panama Canal project will be a shot-in-the arm for the New Jersey and Long Island economies?
* What are the unique regional projects, i.e. Bayonne Bridge and other transportation improvements that may improve supply-chain activities and demand for supporting industrial real estate assets?
* Where to operate industrial real estate: Exploring the advantages/disadvantages of tax structures and incentives in New Jersey, vs New York, vs Pennsylvania? Is any one region or state seeking industrial real estate operators/owners, and why?
Hear from:
* Moderator: Brian Klebash, President & Founder, CapRate Events | The NJ Commercial Real Estate Series
* Steven I. Beyda, First Vice President, CBRE, Inc.
* Marc Lebovitz, Principal, Romark Logisitcs
* Sam Ruda, Assistant Director, Port Business Development, Port Authority of NY & NJ

10:05-10:30 Networking Break
10:30-11:10 Trending Now: Developing Contaminated Industrial Sites: Overcoming Environmental & Legal Challenges, and the Unique Methodologies for Remediation
Discussion Overview:
New Jersey, similar to many northeast regions, contains many former industrial sites and aging structures that may be contaminated and categorized as brownfields for various reasons. In addition, older building materials in existing income-producing assets may contain hazardous materials (i.e. lead paint, asbestos, mold, etc.). In a region with formidable demand for commercial properties, many developers are undertaking remediation challenges in pursuit of delivering their next income-producing industrial, multifamily, office, retail or mixed-use asset. In this session environmental experts, including engineers, scientists, attorneys, public agency officials and developers will discuss the ins-and-outs of the “dirty work” of environmental challenges involving land acquisition and repositioning of older assets – and how they can be overcome.
Proposed Discussion Points:
* Defining the roles of various federal, state and regional executives and working in-tandem with visionary developers
* Who is the LSRP: Licensed Site Remediation Professional, and what is its role?
* Analysis of historic fill (“basic site” with no other AOC’s within the historic fill)
* Analysis of chromate Sites
* Analysis of manufactured gas plant sites
* Analysis of industrial/ISRA sites
* What are the steps involved in clean-up of PCB sites? What type of coordination is involved?
* Analysis of cost issues including: Engineering and permitting: raising sites above new regulated/FEMA flood levels; environmental annual remediation fees (increases for sites with multi media contamination and number of AOCs); Environmental remedial funding source (RFS) for ISRA sites
* Analysis Environmental posting of financial assurance for post-closure monitoring and biennial certifications
Hear from:
Forrest, Geoffrey 2016* Moderator: Geoffrey Forrest, Director, Dresdner Robin Environmental Management, Inc.
* Marilynn R. Greenberg, Partner, Riker Danzig Scherer Hyland & Perretti LLP
* Bill Matsikoudis, Founding Partner, Matsikoudis & Fanciullo, LLC

11:10-12:00 New Jersey Industrial Real Estate Market Analysis: New Development, Investors, Capital Sources & Rising End-Users
* Burgeoning New Jersey Markets: Has the opportunity shifted south from Metropolitan New York?
* How are New Jersey developers approaching opportunities connected the sharp rise in e-commerce/fulfillment and demand for industrial real estate assets?
* What are the unique aspects of the e-commerce projects vs traditional industrial real estate? Has New Jersey accepted e-commerce/fulfillment facilities coming out of the economic downturn?
* Have new capital sources (debt and our equity) and programs emerged to seek exposure to the evolving industrial real estate market?
* Outlook for speculative development and future rental rates
* Analysis of e-commerce/fulfillment distribution centers on local New Jersey economies: Will political systems support the increased traffic generated by these facilities?
* Comparison of New Jersey industrial real estate capitalization rates and fundamentals to other U.S. markets
Hear from:
Wolfe, David 2016 (3x4)* Moderator: David Wolfe, Managing Partner, Skoloff & Wolfe, P.C.
* Ben Conwell, Senior Managing Director & National Practice Leader – eCommerce Fulfillment Practice, Cushman and Wakefield, Inc.
* Dave Greek, Development Associate, F Greek Development
* Alan Lambiase, Director of Sales and Marketing, Riverterminal Development Co.
* Adam M. Pasternack, Senior Vice President – Property Management, Russo Development
* Rick Vanderbeck, Vice President Sales & Leasing, Hartz Mountain Industries

12:00-12:50 Pennsylvania Attracts Industrial Developers and End-Users: Will Lower Costs of Construction, Operations and Tax Incentives Continue to Spark Industrial Development in the Lehigh Valley and other Pennsylvania Regions?
* What are the types of debt and equity programs active in Philadelphia industrial real estate investment and development?
* Why is Pennsylvania a viable alternative to New Jersey for end-users?
* What are the geographic submarkets poised to see new growth in Pennsylvania?
Hear from:
Reinke, Peter 2013 (3x4)
* Moderator: Pete Reinke, Vice President of Operations, ALTRealty, LLC
* Jeffrey Palmquist, Sr. Vice President – NE Region, Duke Realty Corporation
* Chris Brasler, President and CEO, Brasler Properties
* Benjamin I. Cohen, Principal, Endurance Real Estate Group, LLC
* Gregory Rogerson, Principal, J.G. Petrucci Co., Inc.


12:50 Conference Concludes

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