Healthcare & Real Estate 2014: Chicago
June 5, 2014

6:30 Exhibitor set-up

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7:00-8:00     Registration, Networking & Breakfast

8:00-8:05     Opening Remarks

8:05-8:30     Healthcare Real Estate Market Overview: Analysis of Market Fundamentals & Investment Sales Volume around the Nation
Hear from:
Wolf, Murray 2014 (3x4)* Murray Wolf, Publisher, Healthcare Real Estate Insights

Murray W. Wolf is Publisher and Founding Editor of Healthcare Real Estate Insights™, which was launched in January 2003 and remains the nation’s only publication dedicated to healthcare real estate development, financing and investment. He is an experienced media executive and an award-winning journalist with more than three decades of marketing, communications and publishing experience, almost exclusively in the commercial real estate sector. Mr. Wolf also serves as Managing Principal of Wolf Marketing & Media, which he founded in 2001. In addition to the monthly HREI™ magazine, the firm publishes the annual HREI™ Resource Guide™ directory of healthcare real estate services, hosts the newly redesigned and expanded website, and presents the annual HREI Insights Awards™ recognizing excellence in healthcare real estate development and executive leadership.

8:30-9:20     Healthcare Real Estate 20/20: The New and Changing Delivery of Healthcare and its Impact on Current and Future Investment, Development & Financing Strategies
* Analysis of investment and development trends in Chicago, Suburban Chicago and Midwest markets
* Analysis of value and demand drivers in the various healthcare real estate assets (hospitals, medial office buildings and research facilities)
* Urgent care centers update: Are they here to stay?
* Is the private practice of medicine going the way of the dinosaur? Who will survive and who may become extinct?
* How will the delivery of services continue to be impacted under reform? And, how are Chicago and Midwest executives responding?
* Could this real estate space continue to see the emergence of new investors and developers, and why?
Hear from:

Michael A. Noto Chris Bodnar Mark Burkemper Wilkingson Germain Nathan Golik Jesse W. Ostrow

* Moderator: Michael A. Noto, Senior Vice President—Management Services Group, Health Care REIT
* Chris Bodnar, Senior Vice President – Healthcare Capital Markets, Investment Properties, CBRE
* Mark Burkemper, Senior Vice President, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital, LLC
* Wilkingson Germain, Investment Officer, Ventas, Inc
* Nathan Golik, Vice President – Healthcare Acquistions, Carter Validus
* Jesse W. Ostrow, Director, Investment Management, MedProperties Group

9:20-10:00     Evolution of the Healthcare Real Estate Lease: What are the Ramifications of the Affordable Care Act on Leasing, and How Have Terms Changed?
* What are the true ramifications of the law on day-to-day operations in healthcare-related buildings?
* What industry property types are likely to see new demand – and what areas will see less demand?
* Will the law create new financing opportunities (grants, tax incentives, public-sector financing) for healthcare real estate assets?
* How have leasing, development and investment sales transactions and terms changed over the last few years?
Hear from:

Murray Wolf Jeffrey A. Calk Mark Johnson Thomas W. Tift, III John Wilson Jonathan M. Wolfe

* Moderator: Murray Wolf, Publisher, Healthcare Real Estate Insights
* Jeffrey A. Calk, Partner, Waller
* Mark Johnson, Director of Property Management, Healthcare Facilities, C&W Healthcare Solutions Group
* Thomas W. Tift, III, President & CEO, HealthAmerica Realty Group
* John Wilson, President – Healthcare Real Estate Advisors, HSA PrimeCare
* Jonathan M. Wolfe, STREAM Capital Partners, LLC



10:00-10:20 Networking Break

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10:20-11:00     Healthcare Industry Perspective: Who will be the Winners – and Losers – as Healthcare Systems Continue to Consolidate?
* How are you seeing the transition of today’s healthcare services from provider-centric to patient-centric?
* What are the Most Innovative — and Profitable — Medical Services Being Provided Today?
* How are individual physicians surviving today?
* Can individual physicians survive today or do they need to join a healthcare system in order to stay afloat?
* How is the current reimbursement system affecting the face of healthcare?
* How is the retail delivery of healthcare services (Urgent care, ambulatory care, ambulatory surgery centers) affecting the overall delivery of healthcare?
Hear from:

Dan Dolsen Scott Becker Fred D. Campobasso Michael D. Costelloe Matthew M. Joseph Brian Spoerl Gina Weldy

* Moderator: Dan Dolsen, MCR, Senior Managing Director, CBRE Healthcare Services Group
* Scott Becker, Partner, McGuireWoods LLP
* Fred D. Campobasso, Managing Director, Navigant, Healthcare Real Estate Practice
* Michael D. Costelloe, Executive Vice President, American Society of Plastic Surgeons
* Brian Spoerl, Vice President, Irgens
* Matthew Joseph, Senior Director – Brokerage, Cushman & Wakefield
* Gina Weldy, Vice President, Real Estate, Northwestern Memorial HealthCare


11:00-11:30     Networking Break

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11:30-12:20     Financing Healthcare Real Estate: Who are the Most Active Debt Sources, and What are the Return Requirements of Equity in 2014?
* Analysis of new, emerging and alternative debt programs in 2014
* Analysis of equity sources: Who is stepping up to the plate, any why? And, who has returned to the bench?
* Are you seeing the trend of healthcare systems (notably hospitals) monetizing assets so they can better free-up capital for infrastructure and other improvements?
* Analysis of alternative financing solutions, including credit tenant leasing programs: How is credit-based financing used for investment grade tenants (hospitals, etc.) in net lease/sale lease-back transactions? What are the advantages of CTL?
* Will the healthcare law create new financing options and opportunities?
* Is healthcare real estate more desirable in 2014 for debt and equity sources?
* Is there a specific property type (hospitals, MOBs, research facilities) that is more favorable for debt/equity financing?
* Analysis of interest rates and other external/macro factors that could impact the capital markets and availability of debt/equity
Hear from:

Daniel A. Brown W. Michael Bennett Mindy Berman Jonathan Buehner James Groves R. Joseph Spicer

* Moderator: Daniel A. Brown, Managing Director, Creative Health Capital, LLC
* W. Michael Bennett, Managing Director, HFF
* Mindy Berman, Managing Director, Capital Markets, JLL
* Jonathan Buehner, GE Capital Healthcare Financial Services
* James Groves, VP/Healthcare Capital Markets, Siemens Financial Services, Inc.
* R. Joseph Spicer, CFA, Director, CS Capital Management, Inc.

12:20-12:50 Networking Luncheon

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12:50-1:30     The Evolving Design Spectrum: Analysis of Healthcare Design Today and the Efficiencies of Multiple Care Facilities
* What are healthcare providers key concerns with designing spaces today to make the most efficient and patient friendly?
* What are the key characteristics in terms of design today to make healthcare spaces more efficient?
* Compared to other property types, healthcare facilities have significant impact on the environment, therefore what are the key characteristics in planning a project to see that it is environmentally friendly?
* What are the key elements to make healthcare spaces more patient friendly?
* Are you seeing healthcare users incorporate sustainability into their architectural design?
* With the expansion of healthcare construction, are you seeing a lot of new companies expanding into this area? And, is this a trend?
* Exploring the importance of efficient health care design in today’s multi-specialty healthcare spaces
* What is hot, and what’s not in healthcare real estate architecture, design and development in 2014?
* How are design innovations being implemented in various regions of the U.S.?
* How is the Affordable Care Act impact changing healthcare real estate design strategy?
Hear from:
OKeefe, Mike 2014 (3x4)* Moderator: Michael F. O’Keefe, Director, Navigant, Healthcare Real Estate Practice
* Jeffrey Brand, AIA, EDAC, National Healthcare Leader, Perkins Eastman
* Jecoah Byrnes, Vice President, Embree Healthcare Group, Inc.
* Tim Delgado, President, Read King Medical Development
* Kristin Dufek, Managing Principal, Eppstein Uhen Architects
* Michael McKay, Senior Architect, ERDMAN
* Philip O. “Buck” Wince Jr., President, Davis Wince, Ltd. Architecture

1:30-2:10     Seniors’ Housing & Assisted Living Opportunities: Will the Combination Aging Population and Rising Demand for Apartment Units Create a ‘BOOM’ Opportunity in the Seniors’ Housing Sector?
* Why invest and/or develop seniors’ housing and/or assisted living facilities? What are the key differences between the two property types?
* What types of traditional and non-traditional financing are available for this new niche?
* Who is buying seniors’ housing/assisted living assets in 2014, and why?
* Analysis of value and demand drivers in seniors’ housing and assisted living assets.
* Analysis of rental growth: Just how fast is the tenant base growing as the population ages?
Hear from:
Firestone, Ben 2014 (3x4)
* Moderator: Ben Firestone, Managing Director – Founding Partner, Blueprint Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
* Keven Bennema, Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Senior Lifestyle Corporation
* John D. Cobb, Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Ventas, Inc.
* Jeff Gardner, Director, BMO Harris Bank
* Kevin McMeen, President – Real Estate, MidCap Financial
* Curt Schaller, Co-Founder and Principal, Focus Healthcare Partners

2:10-2:50     Comparing the Chicago & Midwest Medical Office Building Market to Competing Markets: How are Investors Approaching Changing Healthcare Delivery Dynamics and Regional Development Challenges?
* Analysis of buying, selling and vacancy trends in Chicago, Suburban Chicago, and Emerging Midwest Markets
* How have macro and micro economic conditions impacted the MOB sector?
* Who is financing new MOB investment and development deals in 2014?
* Why are MOB assets more or less desirable than hospitals or research facilities?
* Analysis of strategies to reposition office, retail and other under-performing assets to MOBs.
Hear from:

J. Taggart Birge Todd Bryant P.J. Camp Benjamin T. Hatz Lee Kotler John Marshall

* Moderator: P.J. Camp, Principal, H2C
* J. Taggart Birge, Executive Vice President of Development, Cornerstone Companies, Inc.
* Todd Bryant, Founder, Healthcare Development Partners
* Benjamin T. Hatz, Vice President of Acquisitions, American Realty Capital
* Lee Kotler, Principal, Crossroads Development Partners
* John Marshall, Vice President, Duke Realty

3:00-3:30      New Funds & Healthcare Real Estate Investment Roundtable: Who are the New and Under-the-Radar Investors Entering the Healthcare Real Estate Spectrum, and Why?
Hear from:
* Analysis of risk-and-reward for new investors: Why buy or building a hospital, medical office building or research facility?
* What types of debt sources are financing new investment/development: banks, life companies, CMBS or another source?
* Is JV equity an option for financing new investment/development?
* What has been the experience of new funds in this space over the last 5-10 years?
* Buy, sell or hold: If healthcare real estate is “recession-resistant” property type, what factors will sustain its growth in good economic times and why is it particularly attractive to the myriad of new and emerging investors?
* If successful in acquiring a medical building, what are the keys to maintaining a healthy, happy and occupied property?
* What are the factors that make owning a medical building different from a general commercial/office building?
* What factors should be considered when deciding to purchase properties locally, regionally or nationally?
Hear from:
Assoian, Robert 2014 (3x4)
* Moderator: Robert Assoian, Managing Director – Management Services, NAI Hiffman
* Jared Morgan, Vice President – Investments, SPIRIT Realty Capital
* Steve Leathers, Senior Vice President, Capital Markets, Jones Lang LaSalle
* Marc C. Reinisch, Managing Principal, Rushmore Properties, LLC
* Tad Wood, Development Associate, Healthcare Realty Trust (tentative)



3:30 Conference Concludes

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