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April 10, 2014
St. Francis Yacht Club, On the Marina, San Francisco


7:00-8:00 Registration, Networking & Breakfast
**Breakfast Sponsor: Nebraska Department of Economic Development**
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8:00-8:05 Opening Remarks
* Brian Klebash, President & Founder, The National Data Center Summit Series | CapRate Events, LLC (CRE)


8:05-8:30 Comparing and Contrasting National and Regional San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Northern California Markets 

Jim Kerrigan, Principal and Director – Data Centres, Avison Young William F. Dougherty, Executive Director – Data Center Advisory Group, Cushman & Wakefield

8:30-9:30 Data Center CEO Panel: How will Recent Leadership Changes in the Nation’s Largest Owner/Operator Firms Impact Northern California and National Markets? 
* Analysis of recent leadership changes at the nation’s leading firms
* Will the pace of innovation from San Francisco and the Valley now change?
* Wholesale vs retail and public cloud vs private cloud: What has truly changed other than the client asking “where’s my data?”
* How has and how will connectivity innovations impact future development decisions ?
* Has the investor pool shifted from small private equity shops to publicly-held? And, what has been the overall impact on the industry?
* How has the nature of the data center deal changed over the years? Are more technology or real estate executives involved in the process? And, how has the speed of the transaction changed?
* Is this space “forever young” or still maturing?
Hear from:
Peterson, Vance 2014 (3x4)
* Moderator: Vance Peterson, Solutions Architect, Schneider Electric
* Zane Alsabery, CEO, Alchemy Communications, Inc.
* Sureel Choksi, President and Chief Executive Officer, Vantage Data Centers
* Chris Crosby, Founder & CEO, Compass Datacenters
* Chris Downie, Chief Executive Officer, Telx
* Paul Gerrard, CEO, Digital Fortress, Inc.
* Kelly Morgan, Senior Equity Analyst, 451 Research

9:30-10:30 Evolution of the Data Center Lease: How Emerging Data Center Markets, an Increasingly Competitive Landscape, and the Cloud are Changing the Game in 2014
* Is there a more advantageous way to structure contracts on a global scale?
* Analysis of laws in Europe, vs. Asia vs the U.S. and the impact on lease negotiations
* Realities of wholesale vs. retail vs cloud contracts
* Analysis and review of emerging markets: How have secondary markets impacted leasing in major markets? Are they truly viable alternatives?
* Analysis of the various cloud offering on leasing (public/private and hybrid cloud): How will the cloud continue to impact leasing going forward?
* How has the transaction time of the lease negotiation changed over the last five years?
* Who is more involved in the lease transaction now: tenant end users who represent real estate or technology decision makers, or someone else?
Hear from:
Inguagiato, Jerry 2014 (3x4) * Moderator: Jerry Inguagiato, Senior Vice President, CBRE
* Stephen I. Berkman, Partner – Real Estate Department, Paul Hastings
* Peter Adrian Kavounas, CEO & President, Cloud Strategix, LLC
* Paul Hopkins, Regional Vice President, DuPont Fabros Technology
* Andrew Gold, Chief Counsel, Fortune Data Centers
* Dan Madrigal, Senior Director , Real Estate -Americas, Equinix
* John Paulsen, VP of Real Estate, Digital Realty Trust

10:30-10:45 Networking

10:45-11:30 End-User Panel: How is the Cloud Impacting Decision-Making on the Demand Side?
* Is the virtual data center gaining traction in Northern California? And, if it is gaining traction, what’s the potential market impact?
* How is big data impacting customers and service providers in the marketplace?
* Given that tenant data demands grow at 1-2% per month, what are the challenges to service providers?
* Public/government vs private sector end-users: How are tenants approaching data center security? What are the key differences?
* Revamping internal data centers
* Private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud: What is the end-user’s strategy in 2014? And, how has this changed from 2013?
* How are major financial firms and approaching data center solutions in 2014?
* Silicon Valley and San Francisco site selection and “server-hugger mentality”: Has demand shifted more emerging western markets over the last 12-24 months?
* Healthcare end-users & data centers: Has the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare” created opportunities for data center operators and service providers?
* What happened to custom design-and-build, and modular? Are these viable alternatives in 2014?
Hear from:
Butler, Doug 2014 (3x4)
* Moderator: Doug Butler, Chief Financial Officer, President of Colocation Services, Latisys
* Gina Tomlinson, Chief of Technology & Information Services, Overland Storage & Technologies
* Charles Hoop, Supply & Demand Management, UBS AG
* Brett Jones, Vice President, SV Colo
* Lane Patterson, Vice President of Global Networks, Symantec
* Treb Ryan, CBU, Chief Strategy Officer, Dimension Data

11:30-12:15   Concurrent Panels

Track A: Data Center Design & Engineering: New Ideas, New Innovations and in the Pursuit of the “Model Data Center” in 2014
* Has the industry moved closer to a “model” design? If so, what is it?
* What are the new unique trends in DCIM that will impact future construction plans?
* How are “out of the box” cooling techniques being applied to design plans?
* Analysis of new trends in design and construction: Analysis of building materials, i.e. roofing, siding, floors, insulation
* How will the consuming public and private sectors’ transition to the cloud in the next 5-10 years change design plans?
* Search for labor: How are executives finding qualified subcontractors for the unique task of constructing data centers?
* Data Center new construction assistance and incentives
* Split incentives in hosting and collocation facilities
* New data center relocation incentives
Hear from:
Jimenez, Andy 2014 (3x4)* Moderator: Andy Jimenez, Vice President of Technology, Anixter
* Bruce Myatt, PE, Founder of Critical Facilities Round Table, CTO at The Data Centers LLC, and Director Energy Management at Glenmount Global Solutions
* Aryn Bergman, Mechanical Engineer, URS Corporation
* KC Mares, Founder, MegaWatt Consulting, Inc.
* William Mazzetti, P.E. Senior Vice President, Engineering & Chief Engineer, Rosendin Electric
* Val Sokolov, Sr Manager, Data Center Planning and Management, VMWare
* Scot E. Heath, PE, Senior Engineer, CLEAResult

Track B: Emerging Secondary Markets & Site Selection Debate
* Beyond the “NFL” cities: Public-sector executives recognize the financial rewards of viable data centers in their suburban/”secondary market” locations. How has this changed the dynamics of the Northern California markets?
* What are the emerging national markets that could attract data center operators to relocate from CA to other locations?
* How important are incentives for data center developers in 2014?
* Will secondary markets continue to take a bigger piece of the pie in 2014?
* Analysis of connectivity in NV, AZ and secondary markets
Hear from:
Bartholomai, David A 2014 (3x4) * Moderator: David Bartholomai, Economic Development Business Consultant, Nebraska Department of Economic Development
* Jeff Brown, CEO, Cobalt Data Centers
* Keith Dines, Managing Director – Data Center Development, The Cambay Group, Inc.
* Tim O’Brien, Economic Development Manager, Omaha Public Power District
* Ryan Oró, Vice President, General Management – Western Region, Coresite
* Steve Rosa, Unique Infrastructure Group

12:15-1:00  Concurrent Panels

Track A: Data Center Financing: Analysis and Review of Private Equity, Technology and Other Debt/Equity Capital Sources
* How have ownership trends (public vs private) (REIT vs traditional financing structure) (owned versus leased properties) impacted the access to and the cost of capital?
* What are the various operating models (Wholesale data center, retail collocation, managed services, Cloud) and what impact do they have on leverage, type of capital and cost of capital?
* What are current trends in equity and debt (pricing and structure) capital markets?
* Macro market for public and private equity and debt seem pretty positive/aggressive. What macro events (interest rates, government budget, Europe, others?) could impact the market?
* What industry specific issues are you watching (change in technology, overbuilding, etc) that could impact cost and availability of capital?
* Does growth of Cloud market help or hurt the data center real estate space.
* Is there any activity in the CMBS market that might increase financing opportunities/availability.
* Financing speculative datacenter development: Can it be done?
* What are the factors you consider in determining valuation?
* What type of returns / ROI are borrowers/developers looking for and over what period of time?
* Are data center companies capital constrained and how do they prioritize their capital investments?
* Do you expect more market consolidation in the DC space?
Hear from:
Loo, Miles 2014 (3x4)
* Moderator: Miles Loo, Jr., Executive Director, Cushman & Wakefield
* Bill Bradley, Managing Director, Waller Capital
* Townsend Devereux, Partner/Managing Director, DH Capital
* Arman Khalili, Principal, Industry Capital
* Rob Morris, Partner, Rugen Street Capital
* Jonathan Schildkraut, Managing Director, Evercore Partners
* Michael Wong, Vice President, GI Partners

Track B: Future Proofing Data Centers: Protect the Investment
* What is the expected life of your new data center?
* What is the technology planning horizon?
* Colos build a 20 year asset, yet leases run only 3 to 5 years
* Who is at the table for planning the new data center?
* What factors impact the use model/capability requirements?
* How does white space layout need to change over time?
* How does “modularity” play into getting the most of the 20 year building?
Hear from:
Frame, Cary 2014 (3x4) * Moderator: Cary Frame, CEO, Polargy
* Pam Brigham, Director of Global Technology, Equinix
* Brian George, Studio Principal, Corgan
* Rich Garrison, Senior Principal, Alfa Tech
* Thomas Weiglenda, Senior Facilities Manager, CoreSite

1:00-1:30 Networking Lunch

1:30-2:15 Featured Luncheon Panel: The Future of California Data Centers: Tech Start-Ups, the “Next Facebook,” and Electricity Options in the Face of an Emerging West
Hear from:
Garnier, Derek 2013 (3x4) * Moderator: Derek Garnier, CEO, Layer42 Networks
* Rudy Bergthold, P.E. Senior Vice President & Chief Technical Officer, Cupertino Electric
* Rajesh Ghai, Associate Director and Senior Tech Analyst, Macquarie Capital
* David Graziano, General Manager, Silicon Valley Colocation
* Craig McKesson, Executive Vice President, T5 Data Centers
* Greg Vernon, Senior Vice President, Vantage Data Centers
* Peter van der Pas, Senior Auditor Appraiser – Business Division, Santa Clara County Assessors

2:15-3:00  Concurrent Panels

Track A: Connectivity Challenges & Opportunities in 2014, Including Adoption of the Open IX Model in the U.S.
* How are the largest data center operators creating an open internet exchange environment in the United States?
* How will the Open IX model create cost savings for operators in the U.S.?
* What are the unique development/redevelopment or financing opportunities tied to Open IX?
* Timeline analysis & review: When will the Open IX model be implemented in the U.S.?
* Analysis of carrier connectivity and physical connectivity within the data center
* How will Open IX improve reliability and resiliency?
* What differentiates the northeast markets from Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas and San Francisco from a connectivity perspective?
* What unique challenges have firms encountered in the northeast vs. the international vital markets?
* What is New York’s chief competitive market from a connectivity perspective?
* What connectivity requirements would clients most request, or want to implement, to support their infrastructure?
* What verticals have imposed the biggest impact on connectivity? And, how are these verticals driving current trends?
* From an owner/developer perspective, why is connectivity important?
* What do you look at as a developer, in terms of site selection, for new development relative to connectivity?
Hear from:
Nichols, Tim 2013 (3x4) * Moderator: Tim Nichols, Director, RagingWire Data Centers
* Al Burgio, CEO and Founder, IIX (International Internet Exchange)
* Owen DeLong, IPv6 Evangelist and Director of Professional Services, Hurricane Electric
* Angela Lambert, RCDD, Global Account Technical Manager, Corning Cable Systems
* Vinay Nagpal, Director, Carrier Relations, DuPont Fabros Technology
* Cardi Prinzi, President, Enterprise Markets, Pacnet
* John Sarkis, VP Carrier and Connectivity Operations, Digital Realty Trust


Track B: Proactive Steps to Avoid the Property Tax Burden While Repurposing or Expanding a Data Center
* Analysis of how to capture the tax burden early in the process
* Analysis of how to avoid the risk – and possibly benefit with applicable incentives and abatements
* Why contractors’ records are important in the repositioning/expanding process
Hear from:
Farney, Sean 2014 (3x4)* Moderator: Sean Farney, Chief Operating Officer, Ubiquity Critical Environments
* James Grice, Partner, Lathrop & Gage, LLP
* Peter van der Pas, Senior Auditor Appraiser – Business Division, Santa Clara County Assessors
* Earl Wells, Director, Valuation & Advisory, Cushman & Wakefield


3:00-3:30   Operations Roundtable: Cost-Effective Strategies for Day-to-Day Operations and Redundancy in Wholesale/Colo and the Myriad of Cloud Providers
* Analysis, review and proactive strategies for reducing costs in day-to-day operations – and increasing net revenue
* New and innovative steps to measure energy consumption: Is PUE the most effective method? Or, should operators consider cost-per-computation?
* Analysis of new security issues: In the public/private/hybrid clouds, who has access to the data? ANd, how does the data traverse the network?
* Will the data reside in multi-tenant/shared space and how is it being protected?
* How are cloud providers screening employees?
* How are public agencies viewing data privacy vs. private companies?
* How many firms have a comprehensive data-transfer plan?
* What are best practices for a comprehensive data-transfer plan?
Hear from:
* Moderator: Joel Stone, VP, Global Data Center Operations, Savvis
* Lisa Bradshaw, Director, Security – Western Region, Anixter
* Vello Ehvert, President, Ehvert
* Dan Fitzpatrick, Co-Founder and COO, Layer 42 Networks

3:30 Conference Concludes/Cocktail Reception Beginscocktail reception anixter

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